Private Sessions‚Äč

Private sessions are unique to the individual. Trust that whatever your intent is for healing, you will process it in a way that is comfortable for you.
Choose simple hands-on Reiki and Polarity for deep relaxation and restoration of energy or dive deeper into the soul. To go deeper, the practitioner dialogues with the client and explores past or present experiences using Guided Imagery to see things differently. Through the session, you will learn to tap into and expand your own intuitive gifts. These gifts will guide you to the answers that you are seeking.

Additional Sessions

Home Visits
Enjoy a private healing session in the comfort of your home. This service is offered to those who are unable to travel due to physical restraints or illness.
Distance Healing
Distance healing is healing performed remotely when the person is in need and unable to connect physically with the practitioner.
Nursing Care Facilities
At times we are faced with the inevitable visit to a hospital or nursing care facility for expanded care. Know that energy healing can be done in any environment, and adapted to medical equipment, casts, or surgical dressings.

Group Presentations

Group presentations consist of any topic related to energy healing.
Simple demonstrations of the actual hands-on energy session of Reiki or Polarity
Discussions on the energy system and how energy modalities heal physically, mentally, and emotionally
Nutrition and environment related to energy
Incorporating energy healing into your nursing or holistic healing practice
Incorporating energy healing into your current medical plan.
Incorporating energy healing in a Hospice setting.


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