Meet Janice

Janice McNamara, a nurse for 37 years and the founder of Next Step Holistic in 1998, is a Reiki Master Teacher, Associate Polarity Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and one who connects to the Spirit world to bring healing and closure between loved ones.
With experience at Havard Affiliated Hospitals in Boston, she found a way to bridge the gap between traditional and integrated practices, offering individual holistic guidance as well as end of life assistance. With a blend of humor, Janice helps adults and children uncover underlying thoughts and beliefs to reconnect with their authentic selves. Her wisdom empowers them to nurture their intuition, expand awareness, and infuse joy into every aspect of life. In return, they continually remind her of the Divine Light within.


The center provides Reiki, Polarity, Guided Imagery, and other energy healing workshops. In each session and workshop you will learn to access your own gifts and get to know yourself in a deeper way. These processes helps you move beyond pain and suffering, bringing you to a place of happiness in all areas of life.