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Are you ready to reach beyond this dimension? Are you inspired to seek answers in unconventional ways? Are you open to seeing every relationship as a gift of healing? Turn to Me will take you on two separate paths of a mother and a daughter toward mutual trust and forgiveness.

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What People are Saying

As a memoir, Turn to Me is written with McNamara’s candor and emotional honesty. It provides real life assurances that inner peace of heart and mind are attainable for everyone here, now, and beyond.  Turn to Me gently encourages each to seek their own paths of healing and to realize its spiritual guidance as I have.  With depth of meaning and solace during these dark times, Turn to Me is a gift waiting to be read.  -Sue Whan, Editor

A gifted healer reflects on her own inward journey as she reads the personal revealing notes her mother left behind.  The contrast and similarities of their lives create an insightful and inspiring message. – Jeanne Crane, Author of Amidst the Stones

A beautiful tale of mother-daughter forgiveness that gently guides the reader to experience the warm embrace of the beloved and wise Presence that lives within our hearts, and many know as Jesus. -Seema Khaneja, MD, Author of Physician, Heal Thyself

A wonderful story about a divine human journey within each of us.  Turn to Me awakens the wisdom in the reader to the soul and its purpose on earth to connect with the Spirit in the heart. -Maureen Watson, author of Super Humans in Light Fusion  

A touching and insightful biography of a multi-generational quest for peace. Janice offers us a first-person view of her search for answers to life struggles while skillfully incorporating diary entries from her mother’s personal testimony of how and where she found her own solutions to challenges faced.  As readers, we are shown how blind faith and surrender can create miraculous solutions which that for this family became mere normal occurrences in their everyday life. Along this journey we discover how Janice was able to turn her feelings of anger and resentment from her tumultuous mother/daughter relationship into one of mutual love and deep respect. Thank you, Janice, for this work and allowing me the opportunity to reflect on my relationship with both my own mother and the divine creator!!!  -Jason A, IT Entrepreneur, medium and seeker

“In no order of hierarchy, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Spirit or Animal Guides patiently shepherd each of us on our own way until eventually, we trust our inner wise counsel.” (J McNamara)
Such is the essence of Janice McNamara’s book, Turn to Me. As a teacher of A Course in Miracles and as a minister, her accounting struck many chords because I am a true believer of receiving messages from beyond the thin veil. Turn to Me is an intriguing narration of Janice’s personal spiritual development while she navigates her transcendent, evolving path. I was drawn in by the author’s accidental uncovering of her mother’s notes, which helped define the matriarch’s faith experiences. This is a page-turner that I didn’t want to put down as I discovered the many encounters Janice personally experienced with the spirit world. -Rev. Barb Adams, Author of The Adventures of the Course Kids: Through Faith and Grace

“Healing often occurs simply through having the opportunity to express misdirected thoughts, seeing the truth of any situation, and making room for miracles.”-Janice McNamara, RN
First in her role as teacher of A Course in Miracles, and later as my Reiki Master, God has been using Janice as guide for me to see my own light as a long-time trauma survivor.  She provides a safe space to have such opportunities to see the truth in any situation and encourages me to make room for miracles. Whatever way manifests for me, may my own healing lead to the place of peace within myself that Janice represents and shows to those who are fortunate enough to cross her path. -Maggie Maloy, student of A Course in Miracles, Fairport, NY

This is a beautifully written book for those on a path of spiritual exploration and healing. Janice McNamara shares personal, multi-generational stories to reveal lessons and insights that I found to be very relatable. Her personal journey provides guidance, encouraging my own self-exploration. This is an inspirational and thought-provoking book. Thank you, Janice, for sharing your story and your wisdom. -Pat Wall

Turn to Me is a captivating story of parallel spiritual journeys of healing and forgiveness. After finding a collection of notes written by her mother, McNamara realizes that, like herself, her mother experienced a spiritual awakening and even, that her mother channeled Jesus. Through reading and recording her mother’s notes, McNamara gains a new understanding of her mother and comes to know her in an unexpected new way: spiritually! Turn to Me traces not only McNamara’s discoveries about her mother, but also her own spiritual journey – her gradual awareness of the importance of soul-searching and turning within, in meditative stillness, to discover her authentic self. Her book fills the reader with hope, as she shows that spiritual awakening is possible for all of us. McNamara also explores the fascinating idea that healing can occur beyond the grave. Turn to Me is a reminder that it is never too late to find forgiveness and healing, even after a person has passed. -Heather Hutton, M.A., Instructor of English

McNamara takes the reader on a journey from her mother’s exploration of God and Jesus, and her attempts to incorporate spirituality into her own life as a wife and mother, to McNamara’s own spiritual development and discovery of the metaphysical. McNamara’s spiritual growth followed directly in the wake of her mother’s experiences, leading eventually to a career in holistic medicine, her development as an intuitive and ultimately in her understanding of the oneness and interconnectedness of all. Her experiences as an intuitive reminds us that life does not end with the death of the physical body, but that learning and loving continues across the veil. For those of us on a spiritual journey of our own, both McNamara’s life lessons and her mother’s channeling experiences provide valuable lessons to help us along the way. -Glenda Brayman

Having known the author for 46 years, I looked forward to reading her debut book. It did not disappoint, being a captivating memoir which was a compelling “page-turner”, sharing with readers her personal journey. Janice quoted the words of the late Reiki Master Dr. Usui, “You do not know the thousands of people you have helped,” words that evoked goosebumps because of its truth. Janice has taken a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, and we can all learn from that and do the same. -Dawna-Jean Turchon